vgbc-logo VGBC

The Vietnam Green Building Council is a non-profit organization created to offer solutions to sustainable construction in Vietnam. Besides creating the LOTUS building certification system, VGBC works with industry, government and academic leaders to ensure that sustainable goals are progressed in Vietnam.
You can access more information on the VGBC on the following website:


The Royal Institute of British Architects is one of the oldest and most widely recognized professional associations in the world. RIBA plays a vital role in providing professional qualifications, databases, and industry support in the UK and throughout the world.
You can access more information on the RIBA on the following website:


The World Green Building Council is a union of national green building councils: the largest international organization influencing the green building marketplace. The Asia-Pacific Regional Network links individuals and organizations from countries throughout the region.


The United State Green Building is the main organization in the U.S. dedicated to green building. Professionals certified by USGBC gain LEED AP Certification.

green drink-logoGreen Drinks

Green Drinks is an informal monthly gathering of people interested in sustainable topics. Dynamic speakers, networking and updates on all things sustainable in Ho Chi Minh City.

 Eurocham Sustainable Buildings Working Group

The Working Group advises companies on sustainability issues in Vietnam, creating a directory of sustainable services and contributing to a white paper advising government on Eurocham member’s views on sustainability.